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Despite what you're seeing, this game isn't that fun.

“He hates all religions!” — Bruce and James talking about Karl

Übersoldier II is a shitty first-person shooter that Inside Gaming had the "pleasure" of playing. This game was made by Russians, thus it has to be depressing.

Origin Edit

The game was first seen when the guys played it and Trials: Fusion. The initial impressions were good, so they decided to keep playing it and turn it into a series. Little did they know it would open a prejudiced can of worms.

Plot Edit

This "game" follows the adventures of murderous and bigoted Übersoldier Karl Stolz and Pointy nippled Maria Schneider as they fight their way through all religions. Karl has to stop another Übersoldier, who is also Maria's ex, who is trying to destroy the world or something. They have to go to Germany and the Middle East (or North Africa or something), and other strange places.The game starts out relatively fun with a cool chase scene, but that just turns into disappointment. Soon after, we learn of Karls bigoted mission to destroy all religions. Nothing can stop him, as he becomes (almost) invincible with a mixture of Emotion Time and Übersniper mode.

Episodes Edit

  1. NAZIS CAN'T DRIVE - Trials:Fusion and Ubersoldier II Gameplay
  2. NAZIS LOVE SUICIDE -Ubersoldier II Gameplay! Part 2!
  3. IT'S RAINING NAZIS -Ubersoldier II Gameplay! Part 3
  4. TRAINS,PLANES, AND STUPID NAZIS -Ubersoldier II Gameplay! Part 4!
  5. RELIGION vs NAZIS -Ubersoldier II Gameplay! Part 5!
  6. WE CAN'T STOP DYING -Ubersoldier II Gameplay! Part 6!
  7. NAZIS HATE WOMEN -Ubersoldier II Gameplay! Part 7!
  8. WE KILL ALL NAZIS -Ubersoldier II Gameplay! Part 8!

Trivia Edit

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