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“Don't forget to loot my body, Blade” — A brave soldier letting Blade take his life

The Soldiers are from the video game masterpiece SiN Episodes: Emergence.

They are pretty nice guys who only live to be killed by Blade. They are not very good at anything, and like to soak themselves in gasoline while operating jetpacks. They have helicopter like vehicles that can be downed by a machine gun. They also have a secret Blade fan club where they watch the Sin Episodes anime movie and masturbate to fanart.

Background[edit | edit source]

The soldiers are a genetically engineered human being created by Elexis Sinclaire. They are meant to be badass soldiers but somewhere they became suicidal. When they discovered Blade has it out for Elexis they decided letting Blade kill them would be best, this is so that their families can collect their pensions. This evolved to them worshipping Blade like a god, even going as far as lighting themselves on fire when they see Blade. Being killed by Blade to them is like hitting the jackpot for us. They also want Blade to raise their children, all of which are named Blade. Their brave "contribution" are what make Blade so cool and awesome.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If a soldier is NOT killed by Blade they can't get into Blade Heaven.
  • They have never been trained.
  • They love to pour gasoline on themselves.
  • Blade is their Hero, Rock, and Savior.
  • Its believed that the jetpack soldiers are cosplaying as Tom Thrusterman.
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