The Rise of Jo Wood is an upcoming 20XX film staring Dustin Hoffman as the World's most famous hobo, Jo Wood and the development of Chaser. The Film will be directed by Theonewhoknack.

Plot Edit

After the death of Jo Woods best friend, Chimpo, died of Radical-6. Jo wood must follow Chimpo's dream of having a game based on the planet Mars. The Development of Chaser, then called " Super Knack 64 Advance DS DX 2: Electric Mar-aloo", started in 1989 and lead Jo Wood down a path of Greed ,Drugs and Lust.

Cast Edit

Jo Wood (played by Dustin Hoffman)- local homeless developer trying to create the best thing ever after his best friend and future wiafu died in a tragic accident.

Cohn Jhaser (played by David Duchovny)- Jo Wood's drug dealer and the model/inspiration of John Chaser.

Testers/Development Staff (Played by IG Staff)- Developers of Chaser, They all suffer from "Cuntola","Tuntibar" or "Muntamole".

Critical Response Edit

the movie isnt out yet but hers the trailer and the extended Bandz trailer

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