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Top 10 Inside Gaming Characters Edit

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Steve here And Larson we are here with the Top 10 Inside Gaming Characters:

  1. 10:TRICK RANGER! - This extreme park ranger was first seen on an episode of shitty simulators and has been warming our hearts ever since. I'm just waiting for the Trick Ranger porno with that deer he found in the forest that he thought was a lady. SO wait how does that work is he fucking the deer or, you know what I don't even want to know. That's right Steve you don't want to know!.
  2. 9:CUNCE! - The IG's official GTA Online character has been one of their most popular, popular enough for #9 on our list. I'm just waiting for the porno with her and Lawrence's character. Seriously we're doing this again Larson. Hey, don't blame me Steve blame IG for making such sexy characters.
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    8-BLADE! - John Blade is the main character of SiNs Episodes:Emergence and is the most popular person among his own enemies. So popular in fact that they want to die by Blades hands and they often worship Blade as some kind of God. You know who should be worshipped as a God. Who? Arnold Schwarzenegger, I mean that guys got everything. Yeah, he also has a kid with his maid. Too soon Larson, too soon.
  4. 7-RAMBO! - Wait. Rambo is an IG character, I thought he was from movies in the 80's. He was until some genius decided to make a Rambo game and IG played it so he is officially an IG character. How do you think Sly Stallone reacted when he heard this. He was probably like rararahahrahhara. That's good. That's a good Sly Stallone impression.
  5. 6-KARL STOLZ! - This Ubersoldier from, well, Ubersoldier was a beloved character by all. Until we found out about his anti-religion platform then he kinda just becomes a dick. I don't know what you would expect he's like a nazi or something I don't know I didn't really pay attention.

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  6. 5-GAYTRIOT! - This pro-gay hero from the Russian game Patriot was out to destroy all anti-gay aliens. This is a controversial topic especially in Russia. You think Putin is gay? *COUGH* I don't *COUGH* think we *cough* should be talking about this.

Part 2 coming out soon!