"Your pretty good."

“Aim for the balls” — Terry Elites life motto

Terry was an Elite WW2 sniper who specialized in shooting Nazis in the balls.After the War he became part of a biker gang in Buttfucknowhere,CA, He was shot by Jake in the balls and later died.

Life before World War 2[edit | edit source]

Not much is know about Terry as a kid,but its safe to assume he was born as a 40 year old man the day before Germany invaded Poland.

Terry aiming for the balls

Life during World War 2[edit | edit source]

Terry fought against the Nazis during WW2. he was personally hired by President Guest to fight destroy the Nazi's secret weapon of Ball-powered Ubersoldiers. He succeeded in most of his mission until he started failing. After the war he was fired for missing his ball quota.

Life after World War 2[edit | edit source]

After being fired, Terry moved to California to hide his shame. He later became part of The Devils Hand, grew vegetables at his farm, changed his name to "Colt" and helped old people get laid. Years later, some douche ruined his farm and shot him in the balls, ending his life, kinda ironic isnt it?

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