Prepare your balls boys

“Say goodbye to your Nazi balls” — Terry Elite

Sniper Elite 3 is a third person shooter game starring the Testiculerminator, Terry Elite.

Background Edit

Inside Gaming first played this game on August 24, 2014, along with the game Velvet Sundown. They generally liked the gameplay of being able to shoot someones testicles out.

Plot Edit

This game stars Terry Elite, an elite(get it) OSS officer who is out to eviscerate Nazis of their balls and intelligence in beautiful North Africa. His commanding officer generally advises him to shoot the head, for a shot head if I am correct, mostly for a quick kill. Terry Elite plays by his own rules, which mostly involve shooting someone in the balls or directly into their butt-hole and out of their head.

Terry Elite has a campaign in North Africa to just cause havoc to all Nazi balls he sees. Terry has many enemies he will encounter in his journey like: Nazi wearing pants, Nazi wearing shorts, Nazi listening to Ariana Grande, and Nazi sniper in camo. He is going nut to nut and not stopping till he take Hitlers balls himself.

Episodes Edit

  1. SHOOT THE BALLS. Velvet Sundown and Sniper Elite 3 Gameplay!
  2. YOUR BALLS ARE MINE. Sniper Elite 3 Gameplay! Part 2!
  3. SAVED BY THE BALLS. Sniper Elite 3 Gameplay! Part 3!
  4. MY BALLS EXPLODED! Sniper Elite 3 Gameplay! Part 4!
  5. THE BALLS ARE BROKEN - Sniper Elite 3 Gameplay!
  6. BLOODY BLUE BALLS - Sniper Elite 3 Gameplay!

Trivia Edit


"I am glad he didn't shoot me in the balls" -This skeleton getting his brains blown out.

  • This game got a higher score than the Sims 4 on Metacritic.
  • This game seems to be the level from Ubersoldier II, where Karl goes to the Middle East to destroy the Muslim religion.
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