SirLarr is Lawrences GTA Online character. He is mainly used by Lawrence or by the IG crew when GTA Online crashes and they can't use Cunce.

Origins Edit

Sir Larr is a professional criminal. He makes his money by hosting big criminal activities like races and death matches. He was born to a nameless mother and father, who abandoned him mostly because he had a tendency to hitting other children with golf clubs. Eventually when he turned 18 he moved to Los Santos and became a professional criminal. He got cheap thrills from organising illegal races and fight clubs and the sort.

Description Edit

Sir Larr is a white male. He is usually seen wearing a white blazer with a t-shirt underneath. He also wears cargo shorts and socks with sandals. He has an affinity for sunglasses, which he always wears. He has facial hair. He is pretty much a GTA version of Don Johnson from Miami Vice.

Trivia Edit

  • Sir Larr isn't actually his name. Lawrence hasn't given him a name, we just call him Sir Larr because that is Lawrences gamertag.