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This page is to catalog all the running jokes Inside Gaming has created over times. Anything, character, song, joke, or phrase should be put here. A place meant to help new fans to Inside Gaming help get the jokes the group has come up with.


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    • Meaning: What the joke refers to, or it's back story
    • Origin: Original appearance of the joke, or its origin
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  • "Cancelled!" Usually yelled or with a beeping sound effect and a cancelled picture
    • Usually said when someone is annoyed at something, or tired of it. Sometimes used to abrupty end episodes of something, or end it. Mostly Joel when he's annoyed.
    • Jeremy Hache and Bruce Greene used to work on Attack of the Show together, and Jeremy would constantly yell "Cancelled!" when an idea was bad
  • Chase Mode
    • Chaser's useless special ability. All it does is slow down time, including Chaser. Its a poor imitation of bullet time.
    • Chaser episode 1: DUKE NUKEM SUCKS - Steam Roulette!
  • Chaser Puzzle
    • A progress-halting problem/puzzle that has an extremely simple solution which is also very vague and unintuitive. Most of the time it is unknown that one is in the midst of a chaser puzzle until it has been solved. (mostly by accident)
    • Origin Needed
  • humblebrag/Humblebrag
    • An often enforced phrase, mostly by Lawrence, after someone does a great job at a game or is just playing really well at the moment.
    • Drunk Mario Kart: DRUNKIO KART! Mario Kart 8 Gameplay!
  • Humpday
    • Humpday entails Bruce air humping Adam on the Inside Gaming news show
    • Wednesday = Hump Day, and Bruce took it literally on one of the first IGD's he hosted
  • "I don't know how to work this thing!"
    • This and variants of it (eg. engine grinding) are some of James' go-to jokes during gameplay sessions. Often accompanied by "He's the best, dammit!"
  • Indie devs who think making their dreams into games should kill themselves.
  • Psychonauts- James loves this game and frequently claims that it's the best game ever made. Adam and Bruce will then inevitably tease him about this, as well as his desire (voiced as direct plea to Tim Schafer via the camera) for a sequel.

  • Joel's Hole
    • Most often thought to refer to one of Joel's orifices, but it's just his office.
    • Joel drew a drawing on IG's old office door that showed a picture of Joel's Anus AKA Joel's Hole
  • The Conductor
  • The Dick-Tator
    • Whenever the gang plays a city management game they end up going crazy, and doing nothing good for the people. The dictator ends up going insane, and purposely terrifying the people.
    • Steam Roulette: MINECRAFT SUCKS? - Steam Roulette!
  • Val Kilmer
    • Tumblr l3xseoMhRm1qcq0mho1 400

      Hey guys remember when I was Batman.

      Most often referenced in GTA, it is James' goal to reference Val Kilmer in all GTA videos
    • James just really likes Val Kilmer
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