Rules of Inside Gaming Wiki

Rule 1: Respect

Respect all members on the Inside Gaming Wiki/Inside Gaming Staff.

Rule 2: Pointless

Do not edit articles pointlessly. Even if you find it funny, this wiki is meant to be informative about Inside Gaming. You can put some jokes in you writing/reference's, but anything just straight made up is not allowed (Unless you can cite a video where one of the guys says it)

  • Friends of Inside Gaming pages are exempt from this. As I don't want to put personal information of Inside Gaming fans on the internet. These are meant to be jokes, but also slightly informative (Just to give people information on mods/people who are to Inside Gaming.

Rule 3: Mods

Mods reserve all rights to make decisions. If you fell you have been wronged/ banned unjustly contract the mods/administrators.

Rules 4: Friends

As I don't want this Wiki flooded with people having personal pages. Only mods have the right to create Friends of Inside Gaming pages (Ex. JoWoodsParrot created most of them). These are pages about important people around the IG community.

  • If anyone is offended by their page please contact the moderators so they may remove/discuss it with you.
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