Inside Gaming has a lot of adoring fans, but they also have rivals who are competing for the attention of Inside Gaming's slaves fans. This is mainly just a list of them.

Rivals Edit

  • Outside Gaming -These unfunny douches are the main rival of Inside Gaming unlike Inside Gaming they are hosted by Aaron Kavok, Barry Blue, John Williams, Joe Reuben, and Larry Samstag, they also have a mascot named Spindle(Shawn Pindle). Avoid these men at all costs.

    Fuck you pilgrim. Rooster Cogburn or whatever they are called.

  • Rooster Cogburn or whatever they are called -These guys are leaching off of IG's fan base. They are like Inside Gaming except they are all open homosexuals instead of closet homosexuals like IG.
  • SammyClassicSonicFan- This big YouTube personality called out IG for not being true Sanic fans since they only play Sonic flash games
  • Two Best Friends Play- This one has been disputed since there have been conspiracy theories that Joel and Woolie are actually the same person. Think about it you've never seen them in the same room together.
    Two Best Friends Play

    Matt and Pat are Two Best Friends Play

  • Val Kilmer- This once great Hollywood star sent IG as cease and desist letter to stop referencing him in GTA Online. but it was only a letter that said "You can be my huckleberry."
  • The Fappening-This whole fiasco started when Lawrences leaked nudes hit the inter webs. Turns out it was just a picture of a laptop turned on.
  • Snipars - This MLG YouTuber has been in a beef with IG since he thinks that IG isn't MLG nad 420 enough, this subsided when Spoole came on.
  • The Pittsburgh Pirates- This shitty baseball team has a currently unknown reasons on why they are rivals with IG.
  • Team Pizza/ETC- the celebrity/movie equivalent of Inside Gaming with wildcard Revolver Spoole as their leader.
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