The majestic main character of Rambo: Rambo.

“It's over John...” — The sentence everyone hoped for.

Rambo: The Video Game is a short Inside Gaming gameplay series that definitely wasn't worth playing.


Some retard decided to make a Rambo video game with using only Windows 95 and no programs made after. Adam decided this horrible excuse for a game should be played and subjected all of us to this "game."


The story of Rambo: The Video Game is obviously completely ripped off of the movies First Blood, Rambo First Blood part 2, and Rambo 3. The game retells the life of Rambo and his time in war. It's basically about him shooting and killing random Vietnamese people. There really isn't more to it.


Sylvester Stallone played Rambo in the movies. Any remnant of that was destroyed by this game.

Character ListEdit

  • Rambo: The main character and Vietnam war veteran, who has serious aggression problems.

Episode ListEdit



  • Rambo: The Video game is based off of the Rambo movies, First Blood, Rambo First Blood part 2, and Rambo 3.
  • The game looks like Sylvester Stallone himself made the game, but that is an insult to Sylvester Stallone, so we will say his brother Frank Stallone made it.
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