Welcome to the Q&A!

“Questions!” — Adam
“And!” — Bruce
“...” — James isn't paying attention

The Q&A is where Adam, Bruce, and James answer your questions. Or, they may ramble on endlessly for ten minutes. It's a fifty fifty split. But, it involves friendship, love, humor, drama, and dicks. With special guest appearances by Joel, Lawrence, and Spoole!


The Q&A, at its base, is a Q&A, but after that it is nothing like a Q&A. Each week, the crew takes questions from a submission thread on the Inside Gaming Reddit. They attempt to answer the questions, but are either side tracked by an anecdote, or a skit of some type. Rarely, Is a question ever seriously answered.


The IG Q&A logo: Adam's open mouth!

The show is always interlaced with pictures between scenes, usually relating to something one of the gang said. The pictures are edited for humor, or to make a point.

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All Hail Shirtless Bruce!

  • Q&A is one of Inside Gaming's longest running series, besides Inside Gaming Daily.
  • You can buy a ".....and answers" shirt at your nearby James store.
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