“I've got it Chaser!” — Pvt. Dorkus as he attempts to shoot everything in his path

The lesser known brother of Dorkus, while Dorkus marauded the streets, Pvt. Dorkus joined the military to atone for the past sins of his family. While Dorkus was murdered by Chaser, Pvt. Dorkus vouched to help Chaser get to mars. This mostly contained of bad gun fights, poor acrobatics, and driving a very slow truck.


Pvt. Dorkus began simply as another very glitch NPC on Chaser. The character was suppose to help defend a truck, but instead was programmed so badly he simply shot randomly, and rolled around. James thought by how he acted he was the good brother of the evil Dorkus. Pvt. Dorkus was attempting to help Chaser on his quest to get to mars.




  • Pvt. Dorkus shares some of the genetic defects of his family, such as a lisp, and Parkinson's disease.
  • Pvt. Dorkus is the brother of Dorkus