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“Goddammit Phil!” — A common occurrence at Inside Gaming

Phil Jasicki is Inside Gaming's resident affectionate on terrible games, and whipping boy. Phil is infamous for his taste in bad games, and forcing them onto other staff members. Rarely, is a bad game ever seen without Phil accompanying it. This has led to the much coveted Phil seal of approval.


Phil's BioEdit

“I’m the Sr. Manager of Content Distribution, which basically means I watch a ton of videos and send out a bunch of emails. As long as I look busy, nobody bothers me. That’s really the key to working. I used to build arcade machines, I love playing terrible video games, I love showering, but most importantly, I love you.” —  Phil loves you... from Inside


Role At Inside GamingEdit

Phil's role in Inside Gaming is to look for trailers. Not just only the trailers for big games, but trailers for uninteresting, forgettable trailers. His ability to explain what the trailers are all about is a little weak, but his talent is mostly shown when he explains to Inside Gaming his favorite game, Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishment.

Phil Seal of ApprovalEdit

Alien Isolation Salvage Mode trailer

Crimes & Punishments This is Sherlock Holmes

Crimes & Punishements: Sherkock Holmes Justice and morality trailer

Rambo: the video game Gameplay trailer

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z Trailer 2

The amazing spider-man 2 teaser

Alien Rage Launch Trailer

Dyling Light gameplay walkthrough trailer

Splinter cell blacklist become what they fear most trailer

Crimes & Punishment Summer teaser

Borderlands 2 Tiny tina's Assault on Dragon Keep

Payday 2 Gameplay Trailer

Batman: Arkham Origins Full CG trailer

Call of Juarzez: Gunslinger The story of Silas Greaves Trailer

 Splinter cell: blacklist Spies vs Mercs Trailer

Watch Dogs: Out of control trailer

Leviathan Warships Jazzy trailer

Ride to hell:Retribution Announcement Trailer

Bioshock infinite Flase shepherd Trailer

army of two: The devil's Cartel Demo

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Launch Trailer

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Tactical Optics Gameplay Trailer

Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army Launch Trailer

Army of two: devil's Cartel Action Blockbuster Trailer

Train simulator 2013 London Faversham High Speed Launch Trailer

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Headshots trailer

Sniper Elete V2 Saint Pierre DLC trailer

Bioshock infinite Columbi a modern day icarus? Part 2 trailer

Ride to hell

yaiba ninja gaiden

bianary domain

army of 2

Chrime and Punishment: sherlock holmes

amazing spiderman 2

sniper elite 3

alien rage

shadow or moridor


rouge warrior

kane and lynch 2

cursed crusade

sniper ghost warrior bloodstone

ultra street fighter 4

Residen evil: Operation raccoon city -phil says this game is horrible

Lavienthen warships




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