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Triple Banned — Bruce after getting trolled by Nate.

Nate or NVGH Gaming (Nate's Vaginal Genital Herpes or Nate's Vidya Game Help) is a fan of Inside Gaming and most hated man on IG's YouTube comments. He is mostly known for his le trolling of IG during their GTA V matches.

Biography Edit


Nate's dad holding baby Nate.

Nate was created when his father was trying to make the perfect pizza, but his plan went astray when he added an extra ingredient, Chemical X, and thus Nate was born. Rather than giving his experiment away, Nate's father decided to keep him and raise him as his own. Nate lived a normal life, he played Vidya games and smoked oregano like all kids his age. But he could never get over the fact that he was actually a pizza. One night Nate and his father got into a fight over some questionable bread sticks his father had brought home after a long day at his pizza parlor. Nate had had enough and went to his room where he got on YouTube and discovered Inside Gaming. He decided that trolling IG would be his calling in life. All this came at a price, he left his father many a time to eat his pizza and sob over his cinnamon sticks alone, while Nate played GTA V. Nate currently works at Office Max or Office Depot, whatever the fuck it's called now, thus putting a larger wedge between him and his creator.

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Nate's YouTube channel picturmajiggy thing

Role at Inside Gaming Edit

Nate is unofficial troll at Inside Gaming. Nate has had many negative YouTube comments hurled toward him, but he keeps on trucking.

Trivia Edit

  • Nate works at Office Max, just to spite his father's pizza business.
  • Nate's YouTube banner claims "Life's a game, don't be a noob."
  • No one knows Nate's last name, but most experts claim it to be Stuffedcrust, which will make him of Mayan descent.

    Nates heroes: the floating pizzas from Jimmy Neutron

  • He also has a YouTube channel :
  • Nate's favorite cartoon character is the floating pizza from Jimmy Neutron. When he saw it he proclaimed "Finally someone like me!"
  • It is common knowledge that Nate's father is a very sweet man.
  • Has been described as Adam's 'weekly dose of birth-control'.