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“Here, hold my poop.” — Ryse to a random soldier

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The concept of the show is simple, it is just like the tv show of the same name from the 90's. Except that instead of crappy movies the crew make fun of crappy vidya games. It's basically the same except without robots and more Bruce.


Mystery Science Theater 3000 was a TV show that aired on Comedy Central in the late 80's to the mid-90's. The show featured a mad scientist named Dr. Forrester and his sidekick TV's Frank. They launched their janitor into space and forced him to watch crappy movies from the 50's with two robots: Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo. The show was moderately successful and ran from 1988-1996. This success translated into the Inside Gaming crew doing a parody of the show except with movies.


  • Adam- Adam is the funny man of the show. In the actual show, he would be Joel/Mike. But Adam isn't stuck on a spaceship you say, well fuck you I say.
  • Bruce- Bruce is the funny man of the show. In the actual show, he would be Crow, why because he sits in the same seat.
  • James- James is the funny man of the show. In the actual show James would be Tom Servo, why, again, he sits in the same seat, duh.
  • Joel- Joel makes a guest appearance and makes funny comments. In the show, he would be TV's Frank. Why not Joel you say, he is not the main character Joel is just a guest.
  • Lawrence- Lawrence isn't actually in the show, but I would assume he is Dr. Forrester.

Episode List[]

Ryse: THE MOVIE: THE GAME-  Full Livestream P1 - P2

ALIENS SUCK: The Movie: The Game-  Full Livestream

CALL OF DUTY is DUMB: The Movie: The Game-  Full Livestream


  • The main character from the show's name was Joel and the song for the first 5 seasons was sung by a band called Joel and the Joels, not even kidding.
  • Joel is half gay.