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“I wanna live with dudes!” — Munt's ambition in life and only accomplishment


Munt Chunte is Cunt's french niece and Tunt's cousin. Just as hideous and kid friendly as her predecessors Munt is strong independent woman, driven to pursue her supervillain aspiration. The pressure was on since birth to follow the Cunt family's prestigious footsteps, it was the only logical that Munt would branch out into a new and exciting career path, not a world-class actor or a leader of the free world like those of her relatives before her, but a criminal. The Munt life follows Munt and her IG housemates as she navigates life with great trepidation and equanimity (oxymoron intended).


We are not entirely sure where Munt was born, We are pretty much sure she wasn't actually birthed but actually hatched from an egg. An egg probably laid by some sort of Pterodactyl.


Munt has a rockin bod with giant tits, that attracts Lawrence. James once said that if you could cover the face she wouldn't be bad. She has the same evil voice as Dornald Dork. She doesn't actually eat; she unhinges her jaw, places the food inside, and then closes the jaw. Her teeth are filed down to a point.


Munt has aspiration of villainy. She has plans to take revenge on Spider Man She is a professional criminal and former Chairman to OsCorp. She answered a a craigslist ad for an apartment which led to her meeting the IG crew. James seems to be the only one to notice that she is a horrible goblin, mostly because everyone is distracted by her rockin bod.


  • Munt is a possible mother figure to perpetual Snoop Dogg impersonator and teenaged Spoole. Since she is the only female and the only thing that came close before was Joel.
  • Munt used to mess with British airplanes during World War II.
  • Munt was the main villain in the movie Troll 2.
  • Munt once tried standup comedy but ended up pissing herself.
  • Munt starred in a snuff film.