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Maria with Nazi's raining down behind her.

Maria Schneider is a character from Übersoldier II, and is the main love interest to Übersoldier Karl Stolz. She is mostly known for her erect nipples that can cut glass.

Origin Edit

Maria is the head of the German underground resistance or something. She is first seen driving a slow moving car with Karl in the back using the BB gun, I mean the machine gun. She reappears at random times with American? soldiers.

Description Edit

Maria has an affinity with almost sexiness, such as wearing tight shirt with her nipples present or wearing a jacket open just enough for you to see cleavage. She has brown hair, which is worn in a way that she made it look like she didn't care but she does. She is Karl's main love interest, but was also Klaus' main love interest, this causes tension between the two and leads to the eventual cancellation of the game by Joel.

Trivia Edit

  • Marias nipples are so pointy they can cut glass.
  • Maria was in Übersoldier as well as Übersoldier II.
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