Famous depiction of Machiniman by Robert Bicket.

“I am Machiniman” — Machiniman

Machiniman is Machinima's and Inside Gaming's personal hero and savior.


Machiniman looks awfully a lot like James, but clearly he isn't him because James doesn't wear a mask all the time.

Machiniman is mostly seen wearing an extra tight Batman T-Shirt and black jeans as his superhero-costume. Additionally, he's always wearing his distinctive Machiniman mask, that hides his real identity.

Machiniman's primary weapon is a large pink dildo-sword, that resembles a lot the one from the video game Saints Row. It's a very effective weapon because most humans are extremely afraid of getting hit and/or penetrated by a tool like that. This is the main reason why Machiniman is one of the most successful heroes of the world.


Machiniman actually started as a joke by James and Adam after they found a party mask that was made out of Machinimas logo in their studio's attic. James put it on and thus created the elusive and heroic Machiniman wielding a dildo-sword and saving humanity.

You can see the origin video here: G-G-GHOSTS in the Attic! - Behind the Scenes



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