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“It's Katy Bacon” — Bruce realising Katy let him win a race.


Experts claim this is a picture of her, but it is still unconfirmed.

19 Kevin Bacon

Distant relative of Katy, Kevin Bacon

Katy Bacon is a fan of Inside Gaming and known player of Velvet Sundown and GTA V.

Origins Edit

Experts are yet to find this elusive lady, but many hope and dream she actually exists. She is said to live in Tennessee and works at Chipotle. Bruce claims her as his own, but then both James and Lawrence claimed her which led to a rift in the Inside Gaming crew, and eventual cancellation of the show by Joel.(Joke GTA still going strong)

GTA V antics Edit

Katy Bacon is known for her GTA V antics which she usually kills one of the crew, but they forgive her because she is the only girl fan of the show, besides Godewyn. She even lets the crew win races sometimes, I mean she doesn't do that(yes she does) and they win on their own merit(they don't).

Character Edit

The only thing known about Katy Bacon is that she is female. She also lives in Tennessee and also works at Chipotle or something like that. Her GTA V character is very partial to the color pink and it's fair to say that she is too.

Trivia Edit

  • KatyBacon once killed a man with a small hammer, for saying Sean Connery isn't the best James Bond(he is).
  • She works at Chipotle, which means she makes a killer burrito, guys.
  • She has twitter:
  • Her distant relative is acclaimed actor Kevin Bacon, i think.
  • Her favorite singer is Queen Latifah.