Karl and his sidekick Scrappy-Doo in the background.

Karl Stolz was a German soldier who died, was resurrected and received supernatural powers, like the Übershield. Karl and Maria are on a quest to stop Nazi stuff and another Übersoldier.

Background Edit

Karl Stolz was killed in action, and resurrected and thus received supernatural power. But that was the first game. In the second game he helps Maria whose appearance fluctuates from hideous troll to hawt MILF and everything in between. Karl is known for the large amount of emotion time he has(crying with his kids) and his Übershield, which keeps him from being shot, but can't stop a fucking flamethrower. Karl is an Übersoldier, who helps the German Resistance and he has to fight another Übersoldier, Klaus, who was Maria's ex.

Trivia Edit

  • Karl is a German Übersoldier, who has to stop Nazi's or something.
  • Karl hates all religions.


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