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“...and answers!” — James' line nobody asked for.

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James Willems is the resident third wheel of Inside Gaming. Known for his game commentary on terrible games, and lack of nipples. James can often be seen on streams with Adam and Bruce, riffing on games.


James is the cynical man of Inside Gaming. Known for cutting games to shreads, and his mockery of them.

James' Bio

“Sanitation Engineer w/ @InsideGaming. About me: Games & a girl named Wheezy. Dive through glass...” — James' Bio on Twitter (@JustRiggz)

“James Willems is a lifelong fan of videos games and inappropriate humor. Naturally, he ended up on Inside Gaming to sing the praises of Psychonauts and mock ARMA. More than once he’s been described as dashing AND daring; courageous and caring; faithful and friendly; with stories to tell. He’ll march through the forest and sing out in chorus. Marchining along as his song fills the air. GUMMI BEARS BOUNCING HERE AND THERE AND EVERYWHERE. HIGH ADVENTURE THAT’S BEYOND COMPARE HE IS THE GUMMI BEARS.” — James' Bio...According to Inside


James used to work on Attack Of The Show! with Bruce for a few months or whatever. He left there and was homeless (not really) for a couple of years. He then worked at Machinima after Bruce begged him to join. He has been an intern ever since.

Role At Inside Gaming

James is often heard as an off screen voice on the news show (usually making fun of a terrible game).

While on the Inside Gaming channel James is often in the background with Bruce riffing on games.



  • James' Twitter is: @JustRiggz (James Willems)
  • James has his own Youtube channel where he puts up let's play videos when he has nothing else to do. You can see it here: James Willems
  • Despite the common joke/assumption James is not an intern. It is simply a joke Adam and Bruce made that has grown out of control.
  • James loves Civilization V and hates the Last Of Us.
  • James is married to his wife Elyse who works at GameTrailers.
  • James wrote a series of porns named Shercock Bones. It was the most successful gay porn ever.
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