Inside Gaming Animated is a series of animated shorts featuring the IG crew. It mainly is just sound clips of the IG crew during one of their videos except their actions are animated.


Who's making them? Edit

There are many people who are making them. Actually there is about three who are, I lied to you I'm sorry about that. Among them are "skilled" artists like Fambini, Black_Nerd, and Cleggend. These three's identities are unknown, which can lead many to speculate that they are the same person. Think about it you've never seen all three in the same room. Check and mate. Also a short lived series of crappy animated videos was produced by Mac Schaer. These videos are said to haunt Lawrence in his nightmares but also according to a recently assassinated source arouse him.

Episodes Edit

Cleggend's Video's:

  1. Inside Gaming Animated
  2. Inside Gaming plays Kerbal Space Program

Fambini's Video's:

  1. Inside Gaming Animated: Animated Inside Gaming
  2. Inside Gaming Animated 2: Vampires Blow
  3. Inside Gaming Animated 3: Dorsney Lornde

Black_Nerd's Video's:

  1. IGSF #1 - Who are Inside Gaming
  2. IGSF #2 - The little spy who couldn't
  3. IGSF #3 - Full Metal Dorkus (ft. Drunk Bruce)

Mac Schaer's Videos's

  1. Episode 1: IG Does Panau
  2. Episode 2: BatKovic
  3. Episode 3: IG Anatomy
  4. Episode 4: Hitmen
  5. Episode 5: IG Crash
  6. Episode 6: Random Crap
  7. Episode 7: Saving Private James
  8. Episode 8: The half baked Christmas Special
  9. Episode 9: An Adventure in Time and Poo
  10. Episode 10: Nightmare on IG Street
  11. Episode 11: The Kickstarter Supremacy
  12. Episode 12: The Inside Gaming Musical
  13. Episode 13: Curtain Call

Trivia Edit

  • All three have reddit: Fambini, Cleggend,and Black_Nerd.
  • The three may be one person, or maybe just a Dodrio who can use a computer.
  • They are all fans of Inside Gaming, or they hate them, I don't know I wasn't paying attention.
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