“Tune in next time for ghost pant” — Bruce

So spoopy

Ghost Hunters is a behind-the-scenes look at James and Adams other occupation: Hot dog vendors. They hunt for ghosts at Machinimas attic and also the Tower of London.

Origins Edit

Ghoasts Hunted was originally a video about the behind-the-scenes but while they were filming Adam and James came across Ghosts and Ghouls who scared them shitless and pantsless.

Ghosts in Machinimas Attic Edit


I don't even know what a hgosts is but I'm scared of it.

One episode while Adam was making coffee, he received a text message from James. This text led to them making an episode about ghsots. When going upstairs to the attic they saw a light fixture they decided not to use. They found a John Cena doll which is scarier than any goats. They soon discovered Machinima had a shower in their attic. That was irrelevant because Adam found the giant dildo that he had put in Machinimas attic window years ago, while James was stuck in a file cabinet. They found Machinimas crappy bean bag chairs and a sign for the Inside Gaming Awards 2011. They then met Machiniman. He saved them from any gaoths that were haunting them. But Adam and James had mistaken him for the gnats and had described his gaots pants and that Shakespeare had written sonnets about this ghotss pants.

Ghosts in the Tower of London Edit

Next Gast Haters, Adam and James visited the Tower of London but this time with Lawrence, Bruce, Joel and Elyse. It was a spooky time that they didn't catch on camera because they wouldn't allow filming because the tower was so haunted. They got many history lessons but in the end it doesn't even matter. They did see a dragon and the ghost of Richard III.

Episodes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Adam put the giant dildo in Machinimas window.
  • This was the first appearance of Machiniman
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