Who knew it was Matt Damon

The Garbage Man is the schizophrenic garbage man who you guessed it, cleans up garbage with his suicidal partner George.

Origins Edit

The Garbage Mans only appearance is in the video WE GET TRASHED - Roundabout and Garbage Truck Simulator Gameplay!. This is likely his sole appearance and his appearance is akin to The Conductor.

Description Edit

Garbage Man is an old schizophrenic man who loves garbage. He loves garbage so much that he often just dumps the garbage on himself, where he presumably masturbates in it. He sometimes gets a plastic glove and fills it with garbage and puts his hands in it and jerks himself off. He lives in a city dump, surrounded by garbage.

He also has a suicidal partner George, who helps with his sick obsession with garbage. George often thinks of killing himself sometimes by hanging and sometimes with cyanide. George is the one who actually handles the garbage as Garbage Man drives the truck into other cars and into civilians.

Trivia Edit

  • Garbage Man is also a doctor, he advises that everyone eat garbage instead of having sex.
  • Garbage Man sometime has George dump garbage into the drivers seat instead of in the back of the truck.