“I'm on a mission to find Andy, you fuck” — Buzz Lightyear

GTA mods are as simple as the title implies. IT IS MODS IN GTA.

Concept Edit

The concept is simple: get a GTA game and download mods on to it and film the results. It features the IG crew making fun of some of the cool mods and also the derpy ones. The series debuted on April 16th, 2013.

GTA IV mods Edit

GTA IV mods featured Adam and John playing GTA IV with mods. They sometimes had guests like James, Jason and Oliver, And Larson, and Courtenay Taylor.

GTA V mods Edit

Trivia Edit

  • These were the first appearances of Jason and Oliver.
  • Bioshock Infinite in GTA 4! Mod Game Play, is Inside Gaming's most popular video on their YouTube channel.