Gta online
“KILL TURBID” — IG's wrath upon Turbid's superior skill.

GTA Online is the multiplayer version of GTA 5. GTA Online is one of the most important game series of Funhaus, because it's the game with the most FH community interactions overall.


Adam, Bruce, James and Lawrence play various missions, deathmatches and races together with the FH community and the official Funhaus GTA Social Club Crew. Lawrence mostly hosts the lobbies for the games, then everyone can join until the lobby's full. Immediately after, the game starts.


They wanted to play GTA so they did. They wanted to play as black character so they did. They wanted to play as a girl so they did. They wanted to wear a bra so they did. They wanted to have a huge ass so they did. They wanted to wear gay ass pants so they did. They wanted to fuck shit up so they did. And thus GTA Online was born and we are thanking the world since.


It's an online game. There isn't really story.

Character ListEdit

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  • Cunce/the dead pixel: Adam's character in GTA: Online and gamertag.
  • SirLarr: Lawrences GTA Online character. He is mostly played by Lawrence but when GTA Online crashes sometimes they will use him.
  • Turbid TG1: A common character that comes to play GTA with them that just doesnt see to have a life beside playing GTA.
  • KatyBacon: Another common character on GTA that plays with the FH crew. Notably she is a girl!!!
  • NVGHD: Commonly known as Nate, he is Turbid's rival and another common player with the FH Crew.
  • YodatheHobbit: Another common character who tried to defend Cunce's honor after she got shot during a bike race, but he failed and was also killed. Famous for being the first person to #Park4James. He is a Raven superhero in his trademark black mask, though he does appear maskless at times.

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