“What is Funhaus?” — The often asked question

Funhaus is the multifaceted internet show hosted by Adam Kovic and Bruce Greene. Funhaus began as the new official YouTube channel of Adam and the gang since they left Inside Gaming and Machinima behind, so that they can still be in touch with the fans and put out content for us. It covers everything from video games, live action skits to QAs and podcasts. The whole thing is supported by the personalities of James Willems, Joel Rubin, Lawrence Sonntag, Spoole and many others such as Matt Peake. Their entire staff list can be found here.  

You can find this wonderful channel at: [1]

As of Early February 2015, the staff of Inside Gaming have moved to Funhaus, and are partnered with Rooster Teeth, rather than Machinima.

Inside Gaming's Rivals[edit | edit source]

(Contrary to popular belief Inside Gaming is different than it's rival Outside Gaming. Outside Gaming's hosts are Aaron Kavok, Barry Blue, John Williams, Joe Reuben, and Larry Samstag. They also have a mascot named "Spindle" (Sean Pindle). These guys are obviously fakes and you should avoid them at all costs.)

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