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The official banner for Inside Gaming's Force Quit

“Does anyone remember Force Quit?” — Everyone

Force Quit is one of Inside Gaming's many series'. The difference from this series to others is, that it's a documentary about IG's YouTube channel and its progress but in a very satirical way.


Force Quit looks and is filmed like a real and official documentary, as if it would be published in a real television program. In actuality the IG staff, namely Adam, Bruce, Joel, Phil, and many more, talk about random and unrealistic stories, that are in no way related to Inside Gaming or games at all. Additionally, while the members speak, there are several atmospherical scenes included, that show the crew doing weird and awkward stuff unrelated to the current story, which also don't help understanding Inside Gaming better in any way.

Currently Force Quit is on hold and no new episodes are produced, but it may return eventually (probably not).

Episode ListEdit

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