I don't think this is the thing they were playing

“Go ahead make my day” — Killer Killz

Enforcer is a police simulator game and Inside Gaming's newest 'series'. It stars Killer Killz and Killer Kill2nd.

Origins Edit

Adam, Bruce, and James played this game and decided that this must become a series.

Gameplay Edit

You get to create your own character, so naturally they made a giant woman. Her name was Killer Killz and she joined the police because she was a natural Amazonian woman. She was fired from her job after shooting several people. They created a new character names Killer Kill2nd and she was a natural police woman. She attempted to stop a robbery and kicked open the door and discovered how bad it was. She found the thief and by thief I mean old woman who didn't do nothing at all. She arrested this old bitch and threw her in the back of the police car with the other robber she found. She attempted to find a police station but instead found a sick murder with bodies covered in semen and with dildos everywhere.


Is this it?

Episodes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This game is bad
  • No really this game is really bad.
  • You think I am kidding this game is the biggest pile of dog shit the IG crew has played.
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