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“You shoot like a real bigot” — General Lee

Duck Dynasty is a real shit video game made out of, what I think is, modeling clay. The game features young Jean-luc Picard.


Adam, Bruce and James started playing this game in celebration of Halloween. The game became a series that will probably kill everyone watching, not because it is haunted but because it is so bad that it is like the Ark of the Covenant from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.


The game is a prequel to Star Trek and stars Jean-luc Picard. Jean-luc is kidnapped from his family and has to get along with his captors General Lee, Santa Claus, and Axl Rose. He is forced by them to kill the ones he loves, ducks and beavers, for their amusement. He has to use his duck call to, get this, call ducks and murder them in droves.

After that he went into the forest and cried. After he found General Lee sunk in the mud and he drove him to them shooting range where General Lee got drunk and forced Jean-Luc to shoot the bottles. Afterwards they went on a rampage and murdered more ducks.

When they finished murdering three entire flocks of ducks, they killed squirrels, because fuck nature. After the squirrel murdering was done they were feeling pretty lucky and hunted for treasure. They found Vietnamese Dongs, that Santa Claus got when he was in Vietnam.

When the treasure hunting was done they decided to commit genocide on the entire species of beavers. Why did they do this you say, because the beavers built a dam in the river. The irony here is that all the dead beaver bodies built up and dammed the river anyways.


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  • This game is a prequel to Star Trek.
  • The character models in this game was made by a blind person.
  • This game is so bad that there are no reviews of the damn game.