Drunk Souls Fanart

Great fan-art about the famous drunk souls gameplay

“When we die, we drink!” — The first rule of Drunk Souls

The Drunk Series is one of Inside Gaming's popular playthrough series' where Adam, Bruce and the others play a specific game that was chosen beforehand, and get drunk along with it as an additional element of excitement.


As always, the IG crew gets together at their computers and prepare to play a random game they've chosen worthy for the Drunk Series. Several strong alcoholic beverages are held ready next to them, for when they are needed. To clarify when the gang has to take shots, there is a particular set of rules made for every game. The specific rules for the games are either elaborated by the fans through the Reddit page or the IG crew themselves. Then when everyone is ready the gaming and drinking begins. This goes on for as long as the guys aren't bored away by the game or when everyone gets too wasted to find the mouse and the keyboard.

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Trivia Edit

  • When Drunk Madden's video was released you could hear every European within 50,000 miles,collectively get butthurt.
  • Lawrence created Drunkcraft to maintain his alcoholism.
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