The sad story of Dorkus

“Aye Aye 'Papin!” —  Dorkus to his superior

A mentally handicapped man just trying to get money for his family, faced with hardship, armed only with his Birthday Shirt, this is the story of Dorkus. An unfortunate man, mentally handicapped, diagnosed with Parkinsons, and not trusted by his superiors, this is the sad tale of Dorkus. Dorkus was killed by Chaser in his quest for revenge, though Dorkus didn't notice.


Dorkus was originally a glitchy enemy in Chaser. A gang member who was walking into a wall, unable to move, and thus failed to aim at Chaser. The gang said that Dorkus acted like this because he was a mentally handicapped member of the gang. He was in the gang for his mother who had gifted him with his special Birthday shirt.




Dorkus J. Foxes tragic death. Killed by the madman John Chaser.


  • Dorkus suffers from Parkinson's disease, some form of mental handicap, and a speech impediment.
  • Dorkus's brother Pvt. Dorkus, instead of joining the street gangs, went and joined the military to make up for his family's past deeds.
  • The image on his shirt is a lizard with a hat, the lizard symbolizes freedom and the hat is oppression.
  • The image might also mean he's the head of the infamous hacker group, Lizard Squad.