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Demetri was the main developer of "Patriot" and a great friend of Jo Wood. He was the only other developer that developed Chaser with Mr. Wood. After vacationing in Russia, he was quickly arrested for homosexual activities. Jo Wood was apparently so upset at this turn of events that he expressed his anger by incorporating a level into Chaser wherein you save Demitri from a Russian gulag (This rushed level caused Jo Wood to "dumb down" the AI.)

The Russian government quickly reacted by burning all physical copies of Chaser in existence (Distribution has since been limited to digital Steam sales) and forcing Demitri to work 16 hours a day on what was code-named the ultimate "Chaser Killer", Patriot.

Background Edit

Demetri is a gay homeless Russian anime character and developer of Patriot. He created Patriot after his own problems of being gay and taking copious amounts of drugs and thinking Antigayliens were after him. Many speculate the fat homeless man eating the potato chips called GaysTM is actually him. He was arrested for being a gay and lived in a Russian gulag eventually his friend and professional Gary Busey impersonator Jo Wood caught wind of this and instead of busting him out made a level in Chaser about busting him out.

Demetri's Arrest Edit

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"See I'm not gay, look at me holding this not disgusting woman at knife point!" -Demetri to the Russian police

He made up his waifu to hide the fact he was gay, shortly after that failed, the Gay police (Russian, of course) came and arrested him. Demetri didn't go down that fast, he held his waifu hostage, but still the waifu was actually a pillow, it failed too. but look on the bright side, he grabs his waifu's awesome pillow boob, which he totally likes I mean he's not gay, guys.

Trivia Edit

  • Demetri is like Jo Wood as in he made Patriot with only $5 in Russian money and got the idea for the game by getting really high while watching an 80s film.
  • Demetri once sucked off a whole Russian gulag.
  • Rumor has it, he escaped russia and became Giorgio Tsoukalos.
  • He worked on Ubersoldier II, too!
  • Dick Marcinko killed Demetri by stabbing him in the ass while cursing at him.
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