“I wanna be an actor!” — Cunt's immortal saying

Cunt Cunt (Real name) is the greatest creation of Inside Gaming. Originally, created by Adam, Bruce, and James on The Sims 3. Cunt took on a life of his own. A horrifying man, obsessed with fridges, aspiring actor, eternal virgin, Cunt became a hero to the inside gaming community. Though he may have passed on, Cunt lives on forever in our hearts, and through his offspring Tunt.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Cunt began as a joke on Steam Roulette. He was the most disgusting sim Adam, Bruce, and James could create. Only meant as a one off joke, the group attempted to make Cunt's life as miserable as possible. But, by popular demand, Cunt would return with his own series.

Description[edit | edit source]

Cunt was created by Adam, Bruce and James to look like the least appreciative human being in a Sims game ever. They ultimately managed to do such a task and introduced Cunt Cunt to the world of Sims 3. Cunt is known for being a very eccentric and impulsive person. He has several mental disorders such as intense hoarding of fridges, pedophilia, compulsive oblivion and Borderline Personality Disorder (not confirmed). He always wears the same clothes, barely showers, doesn't care about his health and is extremely lazy. His eating habits are as broken as his sleeping rhythm and he doesn't want to socialize with others.

Other than that, Cunt's a decent human being.

Life & Death[edit | edit source]

Cunt's tombstone RIP in peace sweet prince

Cunt wasn't born under normal circumstances, he was directly sent to life by the hands of god (Adam Kovic) and was destined to live a successful and happy life. However, while trying to seduce his neighbor, Cunt suddenly died for no reason and transformed into a ghost. After a small chat with the grim reaper, the story of Cunt ultimately ended and a new adventure started with his child Tunt.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Cunt could be seen as the Inside Gaming mascot. He is the most famous and most known character, and is featured on the Inside Gaming reddit page.
  • In Tunt's life, Cunt can be seen haunting Tunt's and Jannis' home as a ghost, because they put up Cunt's gravestone in their yard right after they found it.
  • Cunt's childhood Hero was the actor who played the Statue in Team America
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