"Kiss my balls Bruce"-Jeto after killing Bruce

Commander Jeto or Jared Leto (as Bruce calls him) is a fan of Inside Gaming and player of GTA Online.

Background Edit

Jeto is a young man born and raised in Kazakhstan.  He joined the army and made commander, hence his name. He resigned because he wanted the American dream, and moved here.  He played GTA because it reminded himself of the good days of living off the streets.  When he first moved to America he learned English from watching Inside Gaming.  So he thought he should repay them by murdering them at any chance in GTA V.

Jeto is also a Oscar award winning actor. He won Best Supporting Actor for his role in Dallas Buyers Club. He is also the lead singer to the band Thirty Seconds to Mars. He also loves banter and bants!


Jeto's GTA character's mask

Role at Inside Gaming Edit

Jeto is one of the most recurring GTA fan-player.  He is highly exceptional at screwing with the IG guys.  A memorable moment was Jeto chasing Bruce down when a GTA match crashed with a terrifying owl mask.

Trivia Edit

  • Jeto wears a weird owl mask strike that he now wears a retarded Death Stroke mask.
  • His idol is Bruce, which makes him kill Bruce the most.
  • He was born in Kazakhstan.
  • Commander Jeto may actually be Jared Leto, because Bruce is known to call him that.