This isn't that good of a game but it makes a good door stop.

“I am literally in deep shit” — Us after watching them play this

Chrome is another shitty shooter game, it was released on October 28th, 2003. It is the newest game and series that Inside Gaming is playing. The Chrome series debuted on October 1st, 2014.

Origins Edit

This shit game was recommended by a fan, which is weird because they said they would stop taking recommendations after the whole Kreed fiasco. But nevertheless they still played this piece of garbage.

Plot Edit

You play as John Chrome (who has a stupider actual name of Bolt Logan) as he fights uh people. He is a bounty hunter (like Boba Fett or John Marston except shittier). He is betrayed by his friend Jerry Tightpants. He is accompanied by Not Jessica Alba, who doesn't have a care in the world for anything. You get to drive Warthogs and shoot Nerf guns as you save...????. First, you go to Mars a la Chaser but this Mars is worse somehow. Then the infamous jungle level, which is infamous because you get sniped from across the goddamn map.

John Chrome blew up the whole goddamn island because of how difficult it was. He then moved on to an even smaller island. He fought through building and building until he stopped? I don't know I haven't been paying attention.

Episode List Edit

  1. (NOT) HALO 5 - Chrome Gameplay!
  2. THE PERFECT GAME - Chrome Gameplay! Part 2!
  3. (not) GUARDIANS of the GALAXY - Chrome Gameplay! Part 3!
  4. (not) STAR WARS EPISODE 7 - Chrome Gameplay! Part 4!
  5. STUPID SCHWARZENEGGER - Chrome Gameplay!
  6. HANDICAPPED HERO - Chrome Gameplay!

Trivia Edit

  • This game got a 7.9/10 from IGN in 2003 Seriously
  • This game maybe be the end of everything.
  • "Do you think this whole game is a fantasy re-enacted into Downs Syndrome children's minds?" is a statement that was made during their second gameplay of Chrome, but has been RETRACTED by Bruce Greene, so ANY USE OF IT IS NOT ALLOWED except to inform the populace that it has been RETRACTED.
  • Chrome 2 IS in development
  • Chrome is known for it's inventory management.
  • The enemies in the game have been ordered to carry around joke grenades.
  • The resolution of the game is 1280x960, which explains why it is not in widescreen.
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