“Press X to Kevin Spacey” — James Willems

Kick some ass and do the dew

Call of Dewty: Advanced Warfare is the new officially sponsored gameplay from Inside Gaming. Mountain Dew pays them to play this and drink Mountain Dew, which is the only way someone would knowingly drink Mountain Dew.

Origins Edit

One quiet day in Machinima HQ Adam, Bruce, and James were sitting around and playing sexy anime flash games when the received a phone call from the owner and creator of Mountain Dew himself, John Dew, and the founder and owner of Microsoft, Jon Soft or as he is commonly known Bill Gates. They asked the IG crew to play this new game and drink Mountain Dew. IG accepted the challenge and embarked on their Call of Dewty quest.

Plot Edit

You play as John Duty as he engages in Advanced Warfare. The main antagonist of the game is Kevin Spacey, yes that Kevin Spacey. He must fight in Advanced warfare using things like sassy grenades and stupid tracking drones. Also Kevin Spacey's son died, so spoiler alert on that.

Episodes Edit

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  • Multiplayer in this game is gud
  • Mountain Dew is the official sponsor of Inside Gaymen.
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