Ayana Yuki

Ayana gone wild in her college years.

“TEAR HER UP!” — James' advice for Tunt regarding Ayana.


Ayana Yuki is a character from the The Sims 3 gameplay videos from Inside Gaming.

She went to college along with Tunt, with whom she also had a romantic relationship, that eventually climaxed into coitus. However, there is very little else information about Ayana's life, personality or personal traits. She's mostly known for being relatively attractive (unlike Tunt), actually studying at the college (unlike Tunt) and socializing with fellow students (unlike Tunt). Ayana's relationship with Tunt was short but very intense, as it took Tunt roughly two days to get Ayana into bed after meeting her the first time. After both students had intercourse the relationship slowly crumbled and ultimately fell apart with Tunt leaving college.

Nothing was ever heard of Ayana again.


No one knows where Ayana originally came from. She was first seen in the 18th part of the Sims 3 series, you can find it here.


Ayana's face, probably, after fucking Tunt


As aforementioned, little is known about Ayana. She went to the same college as Tunt, is obviously of Asian origin and was a good student. Ayana is usually wearing a Japanese schoolgirl outfit, which is what probably attracted Tunt to her. She once went streaking in college, it is unknown whether she actually wanted to go streaking or if she just escaped from Tunt's sex dungeon naked.

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  • Ayana is the first ever character in the Sims 3 series to have a romantic relationship with the main character.